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Spelling: Grade 2, Unit 2. Short oo-words and….long oo-words.
This workbook has been developed according to the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement. It was designed to ensure smooth progression in spelling competence and to enable learners to master spelling patterns and rules. This unit will encourage learners to recognise and learn to write short oo-words and long oo-words. While completing the different exercises, it will also promote and enrich their vocabulary.
In this series there are numerous workbooks to cover Grade 2 Spelling.
The different worksheets were designed to support learners in mastering spelling words in an interesting way. Encouragement is important in the early years, because while some learners might still need support to repeat basic work doing different exercises, others could be ready to do more difficult work. Learners could work in groups, in pairs or individually. The worksheets give the teacher a choice to allow a group of learners the opportunity to revise basic work while others could be encouraged to attempt more challenging work, keeping them interested. Alternatively, learners could each have a book and work at their own pace. More difficult pages could be left until they are ready to master it. Learners could still work in pairs, in groups or individually.
Learners would also be thrilled to show off their emerging skills in using a Dictionary correctly. The Dictionary I often use, is the
Oxford First Dictionary, New Edition.
The different activities in the book would be helpful to reinforce the basic skills to successfully write spelling words and sentences independently. It would give the learners confidence and a sense of achievement. They would still need support to ensure success and to encourage a lifelong love of writing and reading.
Enjoy this adventure with them!

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