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Preschool workbook

An educational exercise book to learn children during the foundation phase. “Look mommy, I am growing up” is for home and classroom use. It can be used to an extra aid, as an preschool or Grade R curriculum book or as a revision book.

In the book you will find shapes, colours, big and small,long and short, some of the most used letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-10, lots of pictures to colour in and much more.

There is something of everything to prepare them for reading, writing, math, ect.

Development of the following skills:

* Letter and sound recognition
* Numbers recognition
* Shapes and colours
* Colouring pages
* Numbers 0-10
… and much more!

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Development of the following:

* Letter- and sound recognition
* Number recognition
* Colours and shapes
* Number 0-10
and more!


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