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Grade 5 Mathematics Annual Revision Paper 4
Consist of 22 pages of Questions and 22 pages of Answers (Total 44 Pages)
Includes: Smallest to Largest; > than < than and = to; Number sequences; Number Order; Identifying smallest numbers; Rounding off numbers; Number patterns; Multiples; Multiplication tables; Integers; Story Sums; Multiple number sums; Finding quotients; Telling Time; Time conversions; Time passages; Bar Graph; Identifying shapes; Measuring Breadth & Width; Number cubes; Mass Conversions; Comparing fractions; Equivalent fractions; Shading fractions; Identifying fractions; Placing fractions in order on number line; Adding and Subtracting fractions; Addition & Subtraction tables; Secret Trails; Multiplication Table; Multiples; Input & Output; Adding & Division circles; Solving sums; Converting Improper fractions to Mixed Fractions and Mixed Fractions to Improper fractions; Multiple sum operations; Reading thermometers and Converting numbers to words.

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