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Gr .5 History Bundle pack Terms 1-4 Powerpoint; PDF summaries and presentation

SAVE 30% with this bundle pack of Gr. 5 History Terms 1-4 summaries with beautiful educational illustrations.

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Included (Pptx and PDF for each):
Term 1: Hunter-gatherers in South Africa
Term 2: First farmers in South Africa
Term 3: An Ancient African Society: Egypt
Term 4: Heritage Route through provinces of South Africa

WHAT WILL I RECEIVE? A total of 248 pages Powerpoint summaries, and 51 pages of PDF printable summaries for all 4 terms. (2 Free worksheets also included)

The PDF Summaries are suitable for printing for learners for 1 classroom, or all learners in the family. (Printer friendly)

Note: The requirements for tests / exams vary by school, the slideshow can be adjusted accordingly.


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TERM 1: Hunter-gatherers in South Africa
(Powerpoint presentation of 54 pages & PDF Summary of 12 pages)
UNIT 1.1: How we find out about hunter- gatherers & herders
UNIT 1.2: Hunter-gatherers in later stone age
UNIT 1.3: Medicine from plants
UNIT 1.4: The Hunt and Bow & arrow
UNIT 1.5: What did the San believe?
UNIT 1.6: San rock art (incl. South African Coat of Arms and the Linton Rock Art Panel)
UNIT 1.7: Khoikhoi herder society in the Later Stone Age

TERM 2: First farmers in South Africa
(Powerpoint presentation of 73 pages & PDF Summary of 15 pages)
UNIT 2.1: When, why and where 1st African farmers settled in SA
UNIT 2.2: Homesteads and villages
UNIT 2.3: Agriculture, crops and homesteads
UNIT 2.4: Social, political and economic structures
UNIT 2.5: Cattle were very important
UNIT 2.6: Tools, weapons from iron and copper
UNIT 2.7: Pottery
UNIT 2.8: Trade
UNIT 2.9: Religion, medicine and healing
UNIT 2.10: Hunting

TERM 3: An Ancient African Society: Egypt
Unit 3.1: The Nile River
UNIT 3.2: Life in Ancient Egypt (including Social structure)
UNIT 3.3: Tutankhamun
UNIT 3.4: Spread of Egypt’s advanced knowledge to other countries

TERM 4: Heritage Route through provinces of South Africa
(Powerpoint presentation of 62 pages & PDF Summary of 11 pages)
UNIT 4.1: The names of provinces; their capital cities on a map
UNIT 4.2: What Heritage is
UNIT 4.3: Heritage sites of great significance: Cradle of Humankind
UNIT 4.4: Heritage from objects: Golden objects at Mapungubwe – Limpopo
UNIT 4.5: Heritage in people’s achievements: Frances Baard – Northern Cape
UNIT 4.6: Heritage in names: Gariep Dam – Free State
UNIT 4.7: Heritage and changing identities: The Castle – Western Cape
UNIT 4.8: Heritage and indigenous medicine: The healing properties of the Aloe – Eastern Cape
UNIT 4.9: Heritage in architecture: Stone-walled town of Kaditshwene – North West
UNIT 4.10: Natural heritage & IKS: Makhonjwa Mountains Mpumalanga
UNIT 4.11: Heritage in art: San rock art in the Drakenberg – KwaZulu-Natal

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Grade 5 History Buncle pack Terms 1-4 Powerpoint and pdf summaries.

June 6, 2021 LindaMat3

I received my order, thank you! I noticed that the power point for Term 1 Herders in the Later Stone Age is in Afrikaans. Please send the English asap. Thank you