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Resource Description

The unit studies are short and easy to understand. The unitary studies can be divided into different days or weeks, depending on the child’s own pace of learning. As an added bonus, I included a free Lapbook Template with 15 different lapbook styles and a colorful Mind Map Template included in the Unit Study.

Included in this unit study are :


The Visible Sky:

– Day and Night
– Earth in Space
– The Night Sky
– Eclipses
– Rocks from Outer Space
– The Northern and Southern Lights

The Solar System:

– Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion
– Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation
– The Planets
– Natural Satellites of the Planets
– Asteroids
– Comets
– The Sun
– Origin and Future of the Solar System
– Does Life Exist Elsewhere in the Solar System?

The Stars:

– Constellations
– Coordinate Systems
– Actual Locations of Stars
– Demonstrating Parallax
– Estimating Distances of Stars
– What Starlight Tells Astronomers
– Size and Brightness of Stars

Interstellar Matter:

– The Galaxies
– Theories on Galactic Formation
– The Milky Way Galaxy
– Velocities of Galaxies

The Universe

The History of Astronomy:

– From Ancient Times to the Middle Ages
– Copernicus to Today
– Archaeoastronomy

Also, include is free template consisting of :

Biography Notebook Page Template
Lapbook template
Mind Map Template
Cover Template
Unit Lesson plan templates
Unit Study Certificate

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