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When your Grade 1’s come back to school after the long Lockdown, they are going to need lots of extra practise to make sure that they are not falling behind with their Maths skills.

This resource has 40+ pages of practise sheets to review all the important Grade 1 Mathematical skills in a write and wipe format.

How do you use it?: Laminate the pages (or put in plastic sleeves/flip file). Learners write on the page with a whiteboard marker and wipe it clean when done. Try the sum again with different numbers. It can be used again and again, so lots of practise without having to print hundreds of worksheets. Print once and use the whole year. Bonus: You write in your own numbers for each sum (in the grey boxes), which also makes for easy differentiation.

What can you use if for?  It works great as warm-up activities in your small guided groups. Also for intervention and homework, or anytime your learners need some extra practise. If you’re still sending packets home for remote learning, this will also work (in a flip file), which will cut down on worksheets to be printed.

What is covered?  Important Grade 1 concepts such as:

  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Double & Half
  • More & Less (1  and 2)
  • Ordering of numbers
  • Number names (0-20)
  • Number bonds (3-10)
  • Problem solving, Grouping & Sharing
  • Before/after/between
  • Place Value (tens and ones)
  • Telling time
  • Counting

See preview for examples.

*Coming soon in Afrikaans*

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40+ pages of practise sheets to review all the important Grade 1 Mathematics concepts in a write and wipe format.