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Grade: 1

Number of pages in this workbook: 180

In this workbook, the learner learns the numbers 6 – 10 systematically, while revising the numbers 0 – 5. The numbers are captured by different, but repeated exercises that take place throughout the workbook. There are also a variety of patterns that can help the learner with his or her number and letter formation. The simple format of this workbook helps the learner to understand the content better and more independently.

The following terms are covered in Workbook 2:
count, number, number names, number lines, before / between / after, one more, one less, addition/subtraction and graph

Resources that you receive with this workbook:
(Please note: You receive these “resources” in an electronic format – we recommend that you print and laminate them.)
·     Number chart (0-500)
·     Numbers 1-10 wall posters

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