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Grade: 2

Number of pages in this workbook: 54

This workbook can be used at home or in the classroom. This workbook aims to aid the learner in capturing the numbers 0 – 50 in a simple, but stimulating way. The workbook focuses on five different “star” number ranges, spanning from 0 to 50. The uniformity and repetition of this workbook helps the learner to capture the content better and more independently.
The following terms are covered in Workbook 1:
count forward, count backward, before / between / after, more and less, bigger and smaller, even and odd numbers, number, number symbols, number names, least to greatest/ greatest to least, place values and equation.
Number combinations: build with 5 / building blocks of 10.
Word problems: Add and subtract with numbers up to 50 – with and without the help of a number line.
“Flash” test: Revision of basic mathematical concepts, number names and number combinations.

Resources that you receive with this workbook:
(Please note: You receive these “resources” in an electronic format – we recommend that you print and laminate them.)
·     Flard cards (0-1000)
·     Number chart (0-500)
·     Even numbers and Odd numbers wall posters

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