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Need help with time management and planning your child’s activities for the day? This daily planning clock is perfect for helping with managing time as well as teaching your child to read the time! With picture icons as well as written labels, this clock can be used for any children – whether they can read or not! The labels can also be used together with the icons for children who are still learning to read!

This fun Time Management Clock:

Printable clock with hands that can be attached with a split pin or sticky putty
Picture icons for activities
Written labels for activities
32 activities included
– Baking
– Bath
– Beach
– Bed
– Bicycle
– Blocks
– Breakfast
– Brush hair
– Brush teeth
– Computer/laptop
– Dancing
– Drawing
– Get dressed
– Lunch
– Music
– Pack away
– Painting
– Playdough
– Play outside
– Play park
– Puzzles
– Reading
– School work
– Shopping
– Snack
– Sport
– Supper/dinner
– Swimming
– Work/Take Daddy to work
– Toys
– TV
– Wake up
BW printing option of all pages

Your kiddos will love learning to read the time and feel secure in knowing what their day holds with this daily planning clock!


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