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Imagine living on a planet where you can have everything you want at the touch of a button. Zoggy comes from such a planet. He is spoilt and wants everything he sees immediately. He wants the Ferrari he sees in the garage showroom.

The selfish alien wastes no time in driving the car recklessly along Earth roads. He does not care if he breaks the law, until he becomes aware of flashing lights behind him. This is all it takes to make an alien rethink.

Guinea Pig Education presents the Zoggy the Alien series about a cute little alien who lands on Earth. Will he be accepted? What will he feel as he tries to fit in with life on Earth? This series introduces inclusiveness as Zoggy finds out that he is loved and accepted. He is given help with all those things he meets like fear and anxiousness. Yes, these books are bang up-to-date, full of lessons to be learned and will be loved by children of 3 to 7 years.

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