Resource Description

The Writing Restaurant is a resource that displays useful tips and strategies for writing any type of text. This resource can be used as an information worksheet or as a display poster used at the learners’ desks. In this bundle you will also receive 12 information sheets on various text types.

This resource contains the following information:

1. The steps of the writing process

2. A description of each step of the writing process

3. How to write descriptive sentences

4. Information on sentence types and how to use in a paragraph

5. How to describe feelings using creative writing

6. Transition words

7. Paragraph lengths

8. Story starters

9. How to write a good ending

10. Synonyms for overused words

11. Twelve text type information sheets with tips and guidance

(Narrative story, character sketch, information text, instructions, poem, play script etc)

12. A pocket in which to insert additional information / tips given to learners with
regards to the writing process

How to asssemble:

1. Print on A4 size paper

2. Cut out individual sections on the resource

3. Fold an A3 sized cardboard so that it contains 2 flaps in the middle and is A4 sized

3. Arrange and paste the cut-out sections on the cardboard

The Writing Restaurant is available in full colour as well as black and white, both versions are downloadable upon purchase. The information sheets are all in full colour. The Edu Feed

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