Resource Description



– Free High School Mathematics and Physical Sciences calculator tool to the benefit of teachers and students.


– The app contains formulae on various topics.


– Any unknown variable of the formula can instantly be calculated.


– Teachers are enabled to speed up the process of setting marking guidelines (grading) for assessments/tasks and quickly check the answers of students while marking (grading).


– Students can verify their workings while doing homework and safe time during exam preparation.


Added Services:


– Teachers can request a service quote for the setting of custom assessments. This means that a test/exam/worksheet can be set according to the exact requirements of the teacher. The assessment can be in document format or digital (i.e. Google Classroom). A second service, is the marking of student’s scripts – this can be done digitally or the physical scripts (sent via courier).


– Students can request a service quote for assistance with homework or preparation for tests/exams. Online tutoring is also available.


Developed by iSoftWe Educational and Technology Solutions:

– An entrepreneurship focusing on education and technology, both separate and combined.

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