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I started collecting and making notes for my grade 6 class after I realised that they do not know their basic math concepts and doesn’t study for it. Over the years I have fine tuned it to this. The notes go in a 96 page hardcover book. They stick the notes on the left hand side and do a couple of examples on the right side. I start a new topic in the notebook and they add their own notes, colour, doodles, whatever helps them understand the work. It takes on each individuals unique personality. You can use it in anyway you want to! (I’ve even printed some of the pages on a A2 paper and used it as a poster in my class)

The book does not follow the same order as CAPS, but it covers everything they need to know in Grade 6. I’ve grouped it by topic. For instance: We do common fractions in term 1, we go over it, they do their notes and examples on ALL the aspects of fractions. In term 2 before we start with decimal fractions we only revise fractions by looking at their notes again. We then go on and do decimal fractions. In term 3 we revise fractions and decimal fractions again and then do percentages. In this way it is all together and not in 3 different books. Same goes for measurement – I only explain once how to convert metric units. Converting metres to kilometres is the same as converting grams to kilograms – if students get that concept, life is a lot easier for them.

I hope you find my notebook as useful as I did!

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A big full of NOTES to help students study and understand Maths. It explains the basic concepts of everything they need to understand and it has all the “must study” notes in. Lots of space for them to add their own notes and personal flair to the book.