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Need Spring activities for practicing fractions with your kiddos that will be fun and engaging? These math memory matching games are perfect for getting your students focused on fractions! With printable and digital versions included, you will be able to use these matching games no matter what life throws at you – whether you are teaching in person or doing distance learning!

This BUNDLE contains all my Spring Fractions Memory Matching Games products:
– Spring Unit Fractions Matching Game
– Spring Fractions Matching Game – Halves to Fifths
– Spring Fractions Matching Game – Halves to Twelfths
– Spring Equivalent Fractions Matching Game
You will SAVE 20% if you buy these products together in this BUNDLE!

If you choose to use the printable version of these games, prep includes printing, laminating and cutting.

I have included cards with fractions represented in different ways. You can use them in any combination you wish – whether by printing 2 sets of the same version, or different versions that you mix and match. The choice is up to you, so you can cater to the specific needs and level of your students!

You can also adjust the difficulty level by using more or less cards at a time!

If you choose to use the online games, there is no prep required!

There are different variations and 5 different difficulty levels for each variation included in the online games!

The online games are hosted on my website, and require an internet connection. Neither you nor your students will be required to create an account in order to access the game – all you need is the link, which you will receive in a pdf when you purchase this product. You will be able to access these games indefinitely for as long as my website remains active.

Each fun Spring Fractions Matching Game in this bundle includes:

Clickable contents for easy navigation
Teacher information
Different versions of printable cards including fractions represented as:
– Circles
– Squares
– Circles with Symbols
– Squares with Symbols
– Symbols
Black and White printing options
Different online game options, including matching:
– circles to circles
– circles to squares
– circles with symbols to squares with symbols
– circles to symbols
– symbols to symbols
5 difficulty levels for each online game option
– Very easy (6 cards)
– Easy (8 cards)
– Medium (12 cards)
– Difficult (16 cards)
– Very difficult (20 cards)
All online games also have 1 player and 2 player options!

Your kiddos will love practicing fractions with these fun spring themed matching games!

Try out my FREE SAMPLE Fractions Matching Game – you can find it in my store!


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