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A Christmas-themed game that gets you and your children experiencing Christmas. Game includes 24 alphabet letter cards and 64 ‘sense’ cards for the 8 senses, including: 1) Interoception (includes feelings and emotions e.g. joyful); 2) Proprioception (includes gestures, expressions and body language e.g. laughing); 3) Vestibular (balance – includes directions, up and down, orientation, places, position etc. e.g. Northern Hemisphere, ); 4) Gustatory (Taste e.g. cinnamon); 5) Visual (sight e.g. red and green, Christmas lights); 6) Auditory (Sound e.g. bells, music); 7) Olfactory (Smell e.g. roasted chestnuts); and 8) Tactile (touch e.g. tinsel, wrapping paper).

Game is excellent for children with communication and sensory difficulties. Useful activity for building vocabulary and associations, as well as experiential learning. Foxy’s Remedial

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Sensory Christmas Game

November 29, 2021 Yahuwa's Warrior

It would seem I have a lot to learn before I teach my grandson this. Wonderfully done and what detail! Brilliant teaching aid. Thank you Foxy's Remedial.