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These worksheets according to the FREE YOUTUBE video explains the loud th and soft th phonics for the kids. The th words are used in rhyme words. The concept of rhyme is introduced to the kids in a couple of fun interactive games. The kids read the rhyme words and if they have managed to match the rhyme words correctly, they may throw a bean bag into a container. There is also a fun arty game included using rhyme words to draw a cat.

This video forms part of the Grade 1 Reading program. But the teacher is more than welcome to use this video on its own as well. You can use the video in one long lesson or divide it into shorter lessons during one week.

You are also more than welcome to turn down the volume to use your own voice and accent. That way the kids in your classroom will be able to understand and have fun learning new concepts.

There are word cards, flash cards, picture cards, reading cards as well as a complete plan on how to present GRADE 1 LESSON 16, for your convenience. All in one package. A complete bargain.


Another fun video: All about rhyme:

Please share the link and not the hard copies. That way, we will be able to create more resources for you.

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