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Most kids love to move around, and why not combine reading with movement. It will get them active and they will learn to love reading. Reading can be fun. Clear instructions are given to the kids while they read along. That way they will learn the new content in a different way and will want to learn new things. Some kids will even get creative while learning other content at home if we teach them skills to learn in different ways.

This lesson according to the FREE YOUTUBE video includes pictures of the Voortrekker monument, which forms part of our South-African heritage. During the firsts part of the video, the kids can stand up and do the movements along with the given instructions.

The second part of the video provides the kids with questions, which they have to answer themselves before an answer is provided.

And the last part of the video is the reading part. The teacher can turn down the volume of the video to use her own accent or voice. The video can also be paused so that content can be repeated.

The worksheets include a reading booklet, reading direction guide, word cards, movement figures, a question reading card and more. All the resources are user-friendly. Teachers can easily print, cut and use everything. Each page has clear instructions on how to use and there are even some fun ideas included on how to use them. To keep them safe, laminate and put them in an envelope or folder for future use.

I hope you enjoy the story with Dinny Danny Dragon. I took the photos myself to create this fun video.

Link to the video that goes along with this lesson:

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