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These resources form part of my READING PROGRAM which I am busy developing. This is Grade 2 Lesson 2. There are FREE YOUTUBE VIDEOS that goes hand in hand with these resources. There are teachers resources to print and a READING CARD for homework. Everything is included for your convenience. It will save you loads of money and time. You may use these resources any way that you find useful for your kids in your classroom.


Start by telling the kids how important it is to exercise their eye muscles on a regular basis. You can also use the free YOUTUBE video to make your lesson fun and interactive.
Link to eye exercise video:

To read is fun! Kids love rhymes. Teach and show them this fun reading and writing rhyme. You can also print the words and send it home for the kids to learn.
YOUTUBE video about the rhyme:

Let the kids learn vocabulary and sentences about their own bodies. You can play games and use the wordcards to make reading fun so that they will remember what they’ve learned.
Video about : My body:

Teach the -r combination phonics. The -r sound can combine with all the vowels.
Use this FREE YOUTUBE VIDEO to make your lesson colourful and fun.

Please respect every teacher’s hard word by not copying their hard work. All the products are very affordable. Motivate your colleagues to visit TEACHA and buy wonderful products to save them time and money. That way, the creators can keep on creating using their time and resources.

Skakel na die Afrikaanse alfabet stories op YOUTUBE:

Link to English alphabet stories on YOUTUBE:

Please have a look at all the other worksheets in AFRIKAANS and ENGLISH in my TEACHA shop. All the worksheets go hand in hand with a free YOUTUBE video. I hope you find pleasure in these worksheets and that it will save you loads of time. Link to my TEACHA SHOP:

English reading program series:

Feel free to have a look at all the other educational video on my channel: (CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING FOR MORE VIDEOS IN AFRIKAANS AND ENGLISH)

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