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I’m sharing with you my documents that I use for READING EVALUATION. Teacher can use it any way she wish. It is only an example. Please use it the way it works best for you. There is a copy of a Report included with descriptions on how it works best. All the evaluation papers are also included. Print it, use it to evaluate and file it for your record. There are also a front page included that you can use for the kids details. Then you don’t have to wright the name on every single page.

There are different evaluation papers included for different times of the year. You are more than welcome to change it according to the sounds that you teach the kids in your classroom. This is only an example that works effectively for me.

The older the kids, the more I will focus on Reading speed and Read to understand.

I use ACADEMIX reading program. It is in AFRIKAANS and ENGLISH and gives the child the chance to read a lesson in different ways. There are also read to understand questions included with each story.

Link to find more information on the ACADEMIX reading program:

It is a good idea to do an icebreaker before the evaluation. That way you can test the child’s language and social abilities as well. I use a video for my intro. I ask a couple of questions like: Why do you think it is important to learn how to read? What do you want to become one day? etc.

Link to the video can be found on my FREE EDUCATIONAL YOUTUBE channel:

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