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Included in this packet:

–   1 large rainbow

10 smaller rainbow cards with pictures that end with the same consonant (dog + pig, pot + bat, ball + bell, penguin + dolphin,  sock + duck, jam + ice cream , map + mop, crab + web, bed + mad
2 blank rainbows
Home programme (1 page)

How to use this packet:

print, laminate, cut out
Cut the 10 small rainbow cards in half

Activity 1 (large rainbow)

Training for identifying the LAST SOUND

The cloud on the left side of the rainbow is the first sound of the word. Put your finger on that cloud.
Move your finger along the rainbow colours as you say the word. When you stop you will say the last sound and your finger will be on the cloud on the right.

Activity 2 (10 small rainbow cards with pictures)

The child should match the left and right clouds according to similar last sounds.

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Words with the same last sound must be identified