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Thank you so much for viewing my “Parts of Speech: Idioms Posters” resource!

This product provides a fun approach to make Idioms interactive and enjoyable! Just print, laminate (optional), and display! My students really enjoy the reveal of the Idiom of the Week and look forward to it every Monday. Printing all of the posters and putting them in the class is also a great way of exposing students to the strange things that people say!

This product includes 35 original posters in Colour and Black and White.

Expressions included:

Apple of my eye / Butterflies in my stomach / Frog in my throat / Head in the clouds / I’m all ears / Sick as a dog / Piece of cake / Time flies // Time flies when you’re having fun / Cry over spilt milk / In the same boat / Can of worms / Cold shoulder / Fish out of water / Hold your horses / Raining cats and dogs / Walking on eggshells / When pigs fly / Two heads are better than one / Two peas in a pod / Break a leg / Class clown / Cold feet / Cost an arm and a leg / Couch potato / Drop in the bucket / End of the rope / Joined at the hip / Kill two birds with one stone // Kill 2 birds with 1 stone / Let the cat out of the bag / Needle in a haystack / Off the hook / On cloud nine // On cloud 9 / Over the moon / Zip your lips


Happy learning!!

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