Resource Description

The graphics consists out of:
1. 44 png images
2. Numbers 0 – 10 in black and white with transparent background.
3. Numbers 0 – 10 in black and white with white background.
4. Numbers 0 – 10 in colour with transparent background.
5. Numbers 0 – 10 in colour with white background.

By purchasing these clipart, you are entitled to use the images for personal use only. In doing so, you agree to the following terms:

•The graphics may not be used with the intent to create products with the aim to sell – worksheets, workbooks or posters. This refers to DIGITAL(PDF) and PHYSICAL products.
•Sharing, trading, redistributing, or selling Juffrou911 graphics is not permitted. You are not allowed to send these pictures to fellow teachers. They have to buy their own set of clipart.
•You are not allow to use these Juffrou911 images in on-demand printed commercial products (T shirts, stationary, mugs, stickers, engraving on wood, fuzzy felt pictures, notebooks, cards or STAMPS)
•Juffrou911 retains the copyright to all graphics. When you purchase these graphics, you are not purchasing the copyright and you cannot claim them as your own.

•You are allowed to use these graphics to make resources for your classroom, with the intent not to sell them.

Please do not break copyright terms.

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These clipart will help learners to learn the correct formation of the numbers 0-10 with ease.