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Google Slides Bingo for practicing Number Bonds for numbers 11-15 with your whole class. Perfect for Distance Learning!


This resource is great for practicing number bonds in a fun, interactive way with your students, even when they are at home! They will be able to practice quick fact recognition as they look for the sums on their boards that equal the numbers you call out.


Each Board has 9 blocks, with different sums that add up to the numbers from 11 to 15. When you call out a number from a Calling Card, your students must look for a sum on their Boards that equals the number called. They then cover that block with a Playing Square by dragging it on to their Bingo Board and dropping it in place. Play continues until somebody has three blocks covered in a row and calls out BINGO!


How to use:


Assign a  copy of the file to your students through Google Classroom. For this activity, you will need to select “Students can edit file”. This way, all students will be using the SAME COPY of the file.


Set up a Google Meet session that will run while you play this game with your students.


Remember: in order for the moveable parts to work, you and your students need to work in editing mode!

If you click the “Present” button, you will not be able to do the activity.


In this resource, you will get:

  • COMPREHENSIVE instructions on how to use this resource. If you still have problems in knowing how to use the resource, please do not hesitate to ask me a question.
  • A slide for you to enter your students’ names so that they can just click and go to their Bingo Boards. If you reuse this resource with the same class, just randomly re-enter their names so they will get different Bingo Boards!
  • A slide with Calling Cards for you to drag on to the slide as you need to so that your students can see the number you have drawn.
  • 30 different Bingo Boards with sums that equal the numbers from 11 to 15.
  • Slides with printable Calling Cards in both colour and BW. There are 10 Calling Cards with numbers from 11 – 15 (There are duplicates because there are blocks on the Boards with different sums adding up to the same number)


PLEASE NOTE: WHEN PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT, YOU WILL RECEIVE A PDF DOCUMENT WITH A LINK. When you click on this link, you will be able to make a copy of the Google Slides file that will be saved directly  in your own Google Drive!


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Google Slides Bingo for practicing Number Bonds for numbers 11-15 with your whole class. Perfect for Distance Learning!