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Nonfiction text features can be tedious to teach and difficult for students to learn easily. All these elements help readers navigate text a bit easier and it proves useful when studying and reading nonfiction text. This lesson aims to spice up the learning experience for students by making it interactive, fun, and memorable. It has some great examples for the features discussed and allows students to give their own interpretations and inputs which are important to assess understanding.

This set includes:

Lesson slides revolving around nonfiction and what it means. It breaks down the term to allow students a thorough understanding thereof.

Student slides with activities to complete based on nonfiction text.

Answer slides to assess students.


The files are separated into student slides, lesson slides, and answer slides. You can provide each student with their own student slides file to complete. The class can join in a discussion while viewing a presentation, which is the lesson slides. The lesson slides contain the information and activities while the student slides will only have activities to make it easier for students to navigate. As an activity is reached students can follow the activity or do all activities after completion of the presentation. The answers can be given to students or it can be used to just assess student comprehension.


You are free to use and modify the material.

Non-commercial use only

You may not resell the material.

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A great presentation-styled lesson to introduce learners to the term nonfiction.