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Natural Science Term 1 Life and Living. 10 weeks worth of work in a booklet and a project, covering all topics. Worksheets include experiments to encourage deeper learning. Can be used alongside a text book or as a content booklet without a textbook. Fantastic for revision. This booklet encourages Inquiry based learning and practical experience, learning of vocabulary and encourages full understanding of the key concepts of all the topics covered in Term 1.
A 33 page PDF Learner booklet.
A full memorandum
Worksheets and activities and experiments for entire term, following CAPS guideline and Platinum textbook.
Term 1 Project: Inquiry based learning with rubrics (50 marks)

**Content was created with reference to The Platinum Textbook

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Natural Science full term’s worth of worksheets and a project to cover entire terms work:Term 1 Life and Living. Includes a memorandum.