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Body Concept is the factual knowledge about the body, e.g., what the body parts are called; that your head is at the top; that your trunk is situated between your neck and legs; that your legs are longer than your arms. Children develop body concepts by learning the names and functions of all body parts. The successful acquisition of a body concept is dependent on a good body scheme, perceptual ability, language ability, memory, and comprehension.

This resource explores Body concepts with gross motor, fine motor, visual perception, eye-hand coordination, and cognitive activities. This resource is developed by an occupational therapist and incorporates the “My Body” theme using early developmental skills.

This resource includes:

Developmental guidelines and Body Concept/ Awareness information sheet (handout).
12 x A6 My Body flashcards
2 Gross Motor games/activities
Visual perceptual gams/worksheets
7 Eye-hand coordination and Fine Motor activities/worksheets
20 Visual Perceptual activities/worksheets
2 Playdough Mats to laminate for easy use and cleaning
Suitable for ages four years and older. Activities are graded from easier to more difficult with a choice available for different skill levels.


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