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This is perfect to organize the work learners missed due to absenteeism. You will also need numbers 1-31(also available in my store).
Place the folders with the months of the year in a filing cabinet drawer, then add the files with the numbers 1-31 just after the month the you are at. If that particular month doesn’t have 31 days, then you will just not add anything to that file. If a child is absent, add the missing work to the specific date. When they return, they provide you with the date they were absent and it is easy to get the work from the specific file. When that month is done, take all of the work that was left, put it in the months folder. Later when the child returns you can just go to the applicable month.

This system also works well if you like to be prepared and photocopy work for the future. You can just add the work to the applicable date/ month and it is out of site and you can stay clutter free.

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