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To do halving and doubling can be a daunting task for kids. Here are some worksheets that the kids can use in a creative way to help them with the concept of doubling and halving. There are also a fun YOUTUBE video that goes hand in hand with these worksheets. A story about two characters on a farm. But please note: video can be used on it’s own as well as worksheets can be used on it’s own. It is only to make life a little bit easier for you. (I know time is limited for teachers and moms.) Teachers and moms can use these worksheets any way they choose. You can download the worksheets, print the pages that you want to use for a lesson. Laminate them, fold them, color them etc. Whatever works for you and your kids.

Link to Doubling and Halving YOUTUBE video:

Feel free to go and have a look at all the other maths videos on my channel. I hope you find it useful. The kids love the fun stories. (All the maths videos are also available in AFRIKAANS)

Link to maths playlist:

There are also other educational concepts on my channel for teachers to use to help kids. AFRIKAANS and ENGLISH.

Teachers and moms are more than welcome to share these videos. There are more than 220 videos on my channel about different educational concepts. And it is all completely free.

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