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Does your child struggle with Math?
Or maybe your child finds it difficult to finish Math tests and homework?
Are they just not achieving what you know they’re capable of achieving?

One of the biggest areas we see learning gaps in Math is in the area of times tables.

And you won’t believe it….

This is actually an EASY gap to close and fix.

It’s going to take some work…But, don’t worry, I got ya Momma!

This Master your Multiplication and Division Resource Pack is a complete set of worksheets and activities that will help by

👍    Increasing your child’s speed

👍    Improving their accuracy

👍    Building a firm foundation that SO many other Math skills depend on.

Wanna take a peak inside?

* Learn How To MULTIPLY & DIVIDE – Easy to understand explanations about how to use multiplication and division. Three methods with examples are discussed. Practice questions with memo.

* Color-by-Number TIMES TABLES – 3 worksheets. Inspirational message woven into each one. Work out the answers, color in and create an inspiring artwork.

* Solve the Riddle TIMES TABLES – 3 worksheets. A clever riddle is hidden in each one. Work out the answers and use the key to discover the solution to the riddle.

* Crack the Code TIMES TABLES – 3 worksheets. Calculate the answers to the letter-key and use it to crack the code. Reveal powerful quotes to inspire you.

* Beat the Clock TIMES TABLE Drills – 4 worksheets. Challenge yourself to a dual. Time how long it takes you to complete each rows of Times table drills and see if you can beat your time, every time.

TIMES TABLES Flash Cards – 24 pages of printable flash cards to practice all the times tables from 1x – 12x. Includes a bonus TIMES TABLES poster and list of games and activities using the cards.

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Complete pack of worksheets and activities to help your child master their times tables, multiplication and division. Plus BONUS Times Tables Flash Cards pack.