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Are you teaching long vowels with magic e or fairy e? This product is a collection of worksheets to practice reading and spelling words with long a, long i, long o and long u with magic e in a fun and engaging way. These no prep worksheets are easy to implement into your reading or spelling phonic lessons. They are perfect for your Grade 2 class and are accessible to all students. You will also find a colorful memory game for some fun reinforcement.

NB – All worksheets provide a mixture of long vowel sounds.

*Write the word below the picture X3
*Choose the correct word and rewrite it below X3
*Match the beginning and ending sounds to build the word X3
*Cut and Paste – build the words to match the picture X3
*Match the digraph/blends with the correct ending, write the word X3
*Write the words and choose one to write a sentence X3
*Memory Game – 32 colorful cards – match the picture and the word

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