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Spelling is fun! Worksheets.
Spelling is fun! Worksheets have 3 levels.
This is worksheet 10 of level 2. Level 2 comprises 32 worksheets complete with a test sheet each. For additional enrichment, the students could be asked to write a sentence using each word.
There is space for the student to identify their work. There is a place for the teacher to mark and grade the test. We have included fun colouring pictures for the children to colour.
Learning with Bubba Chewy resources have been designed with fun in mind. Resources from Learning with Bubba Chewy adhere to the CAPS Curriculum.
Our worksheets are perfect for the maintenance of handwriting in this technologically orientated world. The necessity of neat handwriting should never be doubted, especially in recent years.
These worksheets are great to exercise pencil grip and fine motor control all whilst practising their spelling and expanding their vocabulary.
Learning with Bubba Chewy worksheets are perfect for use in the classroom as a supplement or extra resource to the lesson, homework practice or in the home-school or tutoring setting.
All our resources allow the students to work with little to no guidance. Individual work enables them to develop at will and work independently.
Our Interactive lessons put the fun back into learning, whilst encouraging critical thinking. Learning with Bubba Chewy

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