Resource Description

Kindergarten Math practice worksheets. Beautifully designed and age appropriate. We have covered all the basic standards for Kindergarten aged children. They look fantastic and should help your child enjoy working on Math…. 127 pages of pure fun, quality and beautiful Math Worksheets.

Areas covered:

Adding with pictures
Single Digit Addition
Counting Practice – Circle the correct number 1 – 10
Counting Practice – Fill in the blanks 1 – 20
Counting Practice – Fill in the blanks 1 – 50
Counting Practice – Fill in the blanks 1 – 100
Count the Objects
Analyzing Bar Charts
Reading Bar Charts
Creating Bar Charts
Using Ruler to measure length
Compare Numbers
Identify groups with more or fewer
Symbols: “more than,” ” less than” or “equal to”
Even Numbers
Odd Numbers
Ordinal Numbers
Patterns with geometric shapes
Single Digit Subtraction
Subtracting using pictures

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