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This resource is made up of two posters. One is a fruit poster and the other is a vegetable poster. The posters have pictures of different fruits and vegetables on them with the isiZulu words for the fruits and vegetables under each picture. These resource can be used as part of the CAPS Grade R theme on Fruit and Vegetables.

These posters can be printed A4 or A3. I would recommend laminating them for durability.

These are great as a display poster up in the classroom or as a word mat for children to use.

Please note that I do not speak isiZulu and all my isiZulu resources have come together from the work that I do for an N.P.O. I have spent many hours researching and finding words, phrases etc that can assist in creating much needed isiZulu resources.

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IsiZulu fruit poster and isiZulu Vegetable Poster