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This isizulu home themed sorting activity is made up of 11 different coloured house mats and 88 small cards. The small cards have different coloured objects on that you would more than likely find in your home or garden. Each house mat has 8 small squares on it. The small cards fit on top of those spaces. Sort the small cards onto the mats by matching the colours. For example the red apple card would go on the red house, the blue drop of water will go on the blue house.
Also included in this resource is a bonus set of colour pattern strip cards. The small cards fit onto the pattern strips. Cover each coloured dot with a small picture card that matches that colour. For example, put the red rose card on the red dot, green iron on the green dot. Continue the colour pattern that is on the strip.
Please note that I do not speak isiZulu and have tried my best through many hours of research to create resources that can benefit children learning in their home language. I also wanted to provide learners, who are learning isiZulu as a first or second additional language, with resources that can aid them in learning this language in a fun and engaging way. Please contact me should you have any questions, changes or suggestions.
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An isiZulu colour sorting activity