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This book has been developed according to CAPS and will promote vocabulary and assist in teaching phonics. The book was designed to make learners aware that speech consists of a series of sounds. With this developing phonemic awareness they will learn to recognise initial and individual sounds and the way they are arranged to form words and that words put in the correct order form sentences.
Learners are introduced to phonics in an interesting way. They develop the visual perception of the individual letter shapes and learn to associate the letters with sounds. They learn to write the letters correctly by tracing over the letter on the right side of the page repeatedly, starting on the dot and following the arrows. Learners could be encouraged to draw or paste more pictures of words starting with the specific sound or they could practise writing the letter after having traced over the big letter a few times. As they “read” the phonics with the pictures and words, they develop the correct eye movement from left to right. Repeating this activity will promote “accidental” reading as they will start to recognise some of the words after a while and start observing print in the world around them. It will encourage learners and instil the desire to experience more of this wonderful new world of reading and writing.
In Grade R learners could “read” the sounds with the pictures and draw over the sound on the other side of the page. In Grade 1 learners could build the words with letters provided in the back. After each group of sounds there is a page (7 pages in total) to introduce building words using the particular sounds and later writing it themselves. The pages are not numbered to leave the choice of order to each teacher. The book could be printed in A3 format if a bigger format is preferred.
Enjoy this wonderful life changing journey!

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