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This COLLECTION of eight Language Games reinforces reading consonant blends and digraphs.
(ck, ng, nk, r-blends, l-blends, ch, sh, th)

There are 24 cards in each game.
Play one game at a time to reinforce reading that sound.
Share the cards of that game equally between up to 8 players.
Players keep all their cards face-up on the table. All cards should be visible to all players.

The person who has the card with the star starts the game.
S/he reads “I have…, Who has…?”
The person who has the second card will then read their card in the same way.
Once a player has read their card they may turn it over.
The game continues until all the cards have been read.

Printing tips:
Each game requires 3 sheets of A4 paper.
Print each game on a different colour paper to avoid the sets getting mixed up. Print in colour.
Cut out the individual cards and laminate. Play And Learn

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