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This product contains all the work for term 2 for SS Grade 5, based on the “Platinum” textbook.


Unit 1: South Africa from above
Unit 2: Physical features
Unit 3: Rivers
Unit 4: Physical features and human activities


Unit 1: When, why and where the first African farmers settled in southern Africa.
Unit 2: Homesteads and villages.
Unit 3: Agriculture: crops and livestock.
Unit 4: Social, political and economic structures.
Unit 5: Cattle were very important.
Unit 6: Tools and weapons from iron and copper.
Unit 7: Pottery.
Unit 8: Trade.
Unit 9: Religion, medicine and healing.
Unit 10: Hunting.

The package consists of:

Index for the term
Key words on a separate page
Mind map of the terms’ work
Extensive summaries in colour with pictures and / or photos
Worksheets with memorandums

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