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A4 PDF downloadable summaries about the following subjects:

1 Fuels
2 Burning Fuels
3 Safety with Fire
4 Cells and Batteries
5 Mains Electricity
6 Safety with Electricity
7 Stored Energy
8 Wheels and Axles

Detailed breakdown of the above:
1 Energy is stored in fuels / Activities in need of fuels / What is fuel? / How do plants use energy? / Useful Output energy by burning fuels / Candle Wax as fuel / Petrol as fuel / Fuel needs input energy to make it work
2 Extinguish / Fire Triangle / When we light a candle / A Candle Snuffer / How do you stop a fire from burning? / How can a fire be extinguished?
3 Fires can be a threat to our communities / How to prevent fires
4 Energy can be stored in cells and batteries / How does a torch work? / A cell / Disposal of old batteries / Electrical energy is transferred in a circuit
5 The National Grid / Parts of a mains electricity system / How mains electricity gets to the appliances we use / Power station needs a source of energy / A coal burning power station / Disadvantages of fuel burning power stations
6 3 Important facts about electricity / Plugs and Wall Sockets / Electricity outside the home / Electricity and Water / Electrical Cords
7 Elastic bands and springs can make things move / Storing energy / 2 Examples to see how elastic bands work / Releasing the elastic or spring
8 What is a system? / Many vehicles are systems using wheels and axles / Wheels and Axles / How did wheels and axles changed over the years? / Type of axles / Wheels and Axles help vehicles to move easy.

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