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This book contains phonics by grouping letters (graphemes) according to the same sound (phoneme)

The following sounds are included and can be used in the order according to your preference or the following sequence is recommended:
e, ea
o, a
u, o
i, e
oo, u
ch, tch
ck, ng
th, th
a, a-e
ai, ay
e, ee, ea
ey, y
i, i-e
igh, y
o, o-e
oa, ow
oo, ue, ew
a, ar
w, wh
ng, n
c, k, ck, ch, q
ow, ou
oi, oy
er, ir
or, ur
m, mm, mb
n, nn, kn

These homework sheets form part of a structured, systematic phonics approach to reading and spelling of words and sentences. Repetition forms part of the process to help train the brain in acquiring decoding and encoding skills.
As learners become comfortable with the process of completing the activities during the week, homework will be completed in a shorter period of time, while acquiring the skills needed.
It is important that they also read a book or a few pages of a book each day.
The pack includes the following:
– 6 Activities for each week
– Spelling Tests and Answer Sheets
– Classroom flashcards
– Mostly Word document to make editing possible and possible errors.

Please note: It will be appreciated if you do not share these files with family, friends or staff and to rather encourage them to buy their own copy in order to support a small mother owned business.

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Grade 2 spelling homework and skills-based test!