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Grade 1 Baseline Assessment booklet and tick off sheets ( in excel – you just need to type your names in and print)

Included :

1. Drawing stage, writes own name and numerals – draws self
2. Directionality in writing and pencil grip( observe)
3. Listen to a story ( your choice ) and draws a picture
4. Visual-motor copying
5. Spatial orientation – copy picture into grid
6. Reasoning – colour the odd one out
7. Sequencing – Listen to a story – Goldilocks and the 3 bears
8. Counts objects and writes numerals
9. Writes news, talks about own writing, reads own writing, Identifies word letter space
10. Knows members of own family
11. Visual figure-ground perception – Find and colour the objects
12. Knows concept of colour – Colour by number
13. Parts of a whole – Build a puzzle
14. Print carriers meaning – Draw a picture for each word
15. Visual discrimination – Spot 10 differences between the pictures
16. Auditory discrimination – Colour the pictures that rhyme
17. Visual analysis – Colour the pictures that are the same
18. Beginning sounds – Match the pictures that start with the same sound
19. Visual Closure – Complete the picture
20. Verbal Comprehension – Listen carefully and colour in the correct picture
21. Number flash cards
22. Tick off sheets

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A comprehensive Baseline Assessment Booklet to assist the Grade 1 teacher