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– This product is a Bundle containing 13 individual files within a Zip Folder.
– This product contains ALL resources needed for teaching Grade 5 History for Term 1.
– Please take note: The resources are based on the CAPS Curriculum and Platinum Textbook for Grade 5.

This Bundle contains the following:

Non-editable PowerPoint (1-113 slides) in PDF format
– Topic 1 work (Units 1-7) based on the CAPS Platinum Textbook.
– Includes ‘new words’ covered in the curriculum for Term 1.
– Includes answers to all activities in the Platinum Textbook.
– To open PDF on Windows: Open Adobe Acrobat – Click View – Click Full Screen View.

Online Interactive Activities with links on PowerPoint
– Online discussion.
– Online timer.
– Online research question and answer session.
– Live Worksheet (answering questions online based on work covered in class).
– YouTube videos and online readings.
– Online word search (based on most ‘new words’ covered in the curriculum).

Flipped Classroom
– A YouTube link that can be shared with the students. Please refer to slide 6 of the PowerPoint for instructions.
– Activity can be completed prior to covering the term’s work.

Printables and Handouts
– Non-editable workbook and assessment portfolio cover.
– Non-editable workbook labels (unit 1-20) for the entire year **Please purchase the product ‘Workbook Headings Units 1-20’ separately should you be wanting to use it for other subjects**
– Non-editable vocabulary list.
– If you decide not to complete the Live Worksheet online, you can print out the non-editable activity (memorandum included).
– Non-editable Venn diagram (memorandum included).

Assessment Tasks
– Non-editable term 1 cycle test and memorandum (completed on test paper or folio paper).
– Non-editable demarcations for term 1 cycle test.
– Non-editable Bloom’s Taxonomy test analysis.
– Non-editable task or project (pamphlet) and rubric. The total mark can be converted.


– For this Bundle, you have permission to make use of the products for ONE CLASS ONLY.
– You MAY NOT forward or distribute the product(s) to other users, students or teachers.
– Kindly acknowledge the source of the original work.
– Please respect copyright by purchasing multiple licenses.

You may purchase the individual files contained in this bundle, separately.

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