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24 x A5 (2 on an A4 Page) Downloadable Posters about My Body in Frogs Theme.
24 x A5 (2 op ‘n A4 Bladsy) Aflaaibare Plakkate oor My Liggaam in Padda Tema.

My Body / My Liggaam
Leg / Been
Head / Kop
Thumb / Duim
Toes / Tone
Elbow / Elmboog
Cheeks / Wange
Knee / Knie
Ankle / Enkel
Lips / Lippe
Teeth / Tande
Stomach / Maag
Neck / Nek
Nose / Neus
Shoulders / Skouers
Eye / Oog
Ear / Oor
Tongue / Tong
Hand Miemie Muis Hulpbronne

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