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Resource Description

You can use these Cut and Paste Puzzles for children to practice their Number Bonds in a fun and engaging way!


The puzzles in this FREEBIE are Grid Style puzzles (the puzzle pieces are in the form of a grid) and the pictures they form have a water transport theme.


How to use:

Just Print and Go!

Be sure to print the first 2 pages of the activity BACK to BACK.


Students cut out the puzzle pieces from the first page of the activity themselves.

They then place the pieces with the pictures facing down, so that the numbers on the back are visible.

Now they need to look at the next page. There are sums in the blocks that need to be completed. They must find the pieces that match the sums and paste the pieces on the correct squares, with the numbers facing downwards and the picture facing upwards.

As they paste the pieces in place, the picture will form!

These Cut and Paste Puzzles are great for practicing number bonds, and also for developing cutting and pasting skills.


In this resource, you will get:

  • Number Bonds Cut and Paste Puzzle for number 9 (9 pieces)
  • Other pages: Cover page, How to Use and Solutions

The puzzle comes with 3 pages:

  1. Page with puzzle pieces to cut out and instructions for children.
  2. Page with numbers for the back of the puzzle pieces.
  3. Page with sums for puzzle pieces to be pasted on and further instructions for the children.

The puzzle comes in both colour and BW.


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Grid style Cut and Paste Puzzles for practising Number Bonds for number 9