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An occupational therapist developed the Form Constancy activity program to support visual perceptual development. This resource focuses on Visual Form Constancy and includes information about perceptual development, various games, activities, and worksheets.

Visual form constancy is the ability to recognize that a shape or object remains the same despite changes in size, position, direction, orientation, and distance, e.g., an object is still the same whether seen from the top, side, or underneath. Visual form constancy is also the ability to mentally manipulate an object into different positions just by looking at it.

This program is lots of fun and includes a variety of activities to stimulate and support visual perceptual development for children between the age of 4 years to 8/9 years. Easier and more difficult worksheets are included.

This resource includes:
Visual perception information, development guidelines and instructions for use.
Visual perceptual game (20 A6 images to copy with shapes)
18 Activity worksheets for consolidation

Suitable for ages 4 years and older.

30 printable pages (PDF). 

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