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Editable Daily Language Practice for Grade 5 English Home Language

This resource can easily be adapted to suit any grade level as many of the concepts are carried right through to Matric.

This resource contains 10 weeks of daily language practice activities that cover all of the Language Structures and Conventions concepts for Term 3.

Language concepts include:

Daily dictionary work related to the themes in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Life Skills in Grade 5, Term 3
Pronouns (relative, demonstrative, personal and reflexive)
Adverbs (manner, time, degree and place)
Finite verbs and Infinitives
Simple and compound sentences
Simple and continuous tense
Degrees of comparison
Subject – Verb agreement
Direct and Indirect Speech
Nouns (abstract, collective, proper and common)
Types of sentences (question, statement, exclamation and command)
Figures of speech (metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration, assonance)
Synonyms and Antonyms
Homophones and Homonyms
Active and Passive Voice

A student answer sheet is included, where students fill in their answers and keep track of their progress using a bar graph.

A memorandum is also included for each week’s activities.

The download is available in PDF and Microsoft Word formats for easy editing.

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English daily language practise

May 19, 2020 G.hancox

Brilliant. Engaging.

10 weeks of editable daily CAPS aligned language practice for Grade 5 English Home Language with answer sheet and memorandum