Resource Description

This is a collection of resources to guide students through a unit on Electrostatic Charge and Static Electricity (4-6 lessons)

Topics covered:
– Revision of contact and non contact Forces
– What is electrical charge?
– How is static electricity generated?
– Lightning and thunder

Used as part of:
– Atoms, Electrical Charge and Static Electricity (CAPS)
-9Pm1 Describe electrostatics and the concept of charge (Cambridge)

There is one power point, 2 worksheets and a practical activity instruction page (Making salt and pepper dance) included . 3 formative assessment tasks are also included in the Power Point as well as links to interactive simulations and embedded videos.

Worksheets included are VERY straightforward. They were designed to assess basic understanding of concepts and to ensure students did not have to spend much time writing during the lesson.

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