Resource Description

This resource contains 36 different CVC words and matching pictures as well as letter tiles a-z and various activities to complete.
Use it to introduce and revise letters & letter-sound recognition and to build, match & read cvc words.
We suggest that you print these pages onto white cardboard, cut out & laminate to reuse over & over again.
(Tip: print 2 copies of the letter tiles to ensure that you have enough letters for words such as pop & dad)

1. Match the correct picture to the word
2. Put a picture in each block – Write the correct word next to the picture
(Tip: If you have laminated the page, use a whiteboard marker to write the words, then it can be erased for the next set of words)
You could also use this page to match the correct word card to the picture in the block
3. Put a picture in the block – Use the letter tiles to build the word – can also be used for word manipulation
(change mop – pop … which letter tile do you need to change?)

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