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Describe Someone I Know (All About Me Writing Prompts) (7-11 years)

Tune into Guinea Pig FM radio and read a lively radio script. Listen to DJ George and co presenter Christabelle describe themselves. Read the listeners texts and emails describing the people they know. The child can then write their own description of someone they know to send to the radio show.

Play Guess Who? Get someone to guess who the child has written about. Ask them to organise or structure their description into short paragraphs: appearance, character, what they do, how I feel about them.

This series provides prompts to get the child to write. It provides starting points to encourage children of all abilities to write – even the most reluctant writers. With this series they will be inspired to write stories, poems, play scripts, diaries, reports, persuasive leaflets and more.

More than this, the child will learn writing techniques; simple, compound and complex sentences, connectives and spelling, punctuation and grammar tips. There is an emphasis on improving vocabulary – looking at lots of better word choices: harder adjectives, more powerful verbs and adverbs.

11 pages

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