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We have created these charts to help especially children on the autism spectrum, but we believe they can be useful tools for many children. We have included 2 different daily routines charts and 38 daily routine visuals plus 1 feelings chart with 10 feelings to choose from. We also include at the end 2 different charts for toilet and getting dressed routine. These pages can be printed and laminated and you can use velcro to secure each card to the chart. We include “Now” and “Next” small visuals to add to the big “To Do” chart for daily routines.

Because we want children to be able to connect with the visuals for each routine we have tried to create different versions of these same charts for Caucasian boy, Caucasian girl, African American boy, and African American girl. We would be happy to create one that accurately represents your child if you email us at

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Set of Charts with 38 daily routines and 10 feelings. Especially helpful for children with special needs.