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Thank you so much for viewing my “Collective Noun Posters” resource!

This product provides a fun approach to make Collective Nouns interactive and enjoyable! Just print, laminate (optional), and display!

In my class, we reveal a ‘Collective Noun of the Week,’ which is something that my students really enjoy and look forward to it every Monday. Printing all of the posters and putting them in the class is also a great way of exposing students to the strange things that people say!

This product includes 41 posters spread out over 121 pages.

Options include A4 and A5 sizes in both Colour and Black & White.


– 1 nouns poster

– 14 collective nouns about animals posters

(A colony of ants / A flock of birds / A flock of sheep / A gaggle of geese / A herd of cattle / A pack of wolves / A parliament of owls / A pod of dolphins / A pride of lions / A school of fish / A swarm of bees / A tower of giraffes / An array of hedgehogs / A litter of kittens)

– 14 collective nouns about things posters

(A block of flats / A bunch of grapes / A chain of islands / A cloud of smoke / A fleet of ships / A flight of stairs / A library of books / A pack of cards / A pair of socks / A pile of rubbish / A pocket of potatoes / A range of mountains / A set of rules / A string of pearls)

– 12 collective nouns about people posters

(A band of musicians / A cast of actors / A choir of singers / A circle of friends / A class of students / A crew of sailors / A flock of tourists / A panel of experts / A squad of police officers / A team of players / An army of soldiers / An audience of listeners)

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